Real Estate Appraisal

Our real estate appraisal is carried out in full compliance with international standards and normative acts applicable in Georgia, using the following approaches:


  • Market method
  • Income capitalization method
  • Cost method


The market method is the most common approach if relevant market information is available.

Through the income capitalization method, the value of real estate is determined by the income received from the same property.

The real estate value through the cost approach is determined by estimating the cost of land purchase and construction of a building of similar utility. It is prudent for the evaluator to consider all three approaches. The appraiser’s report on the final value depends on the data and procedures used by him / her, he / she carries out the comparison of the value indicators calculated by different approaches and obtains the final indicator.

In case of addressing to us, the price offered by our appraiser will allow you to make a profitable decision in favor of you and / or your business. We offer a wide range of professional services for all types of property and property rights assessments.


Real estate appraisals include:

  • Land appraisal
  • Appraisal of buildings
  • Commercial space appraisal
  • Residential appraisal
  • Private house appraisal
  • Cottage appraisal
  • Leased property appraisal


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