Labor safety

AUDITESCORT offers health and labour safety services; our team is staffed with experienced and highly certified personnel in the field. By cooperating with us, your company will enhance the safety culture and meet the requirements of state law.

Occupational safety and healthcare is one of the major challenges for the representatives of construction sector. Since incidents, sanctions, and work stoppages are not uncommon in this industry, the employer often faces unplanned costs, which in turn leads to work process delays and protractions. Statistics of production occurrences and the number of associated fines once again reveal what problems employers have to deal with.

Workers are often unaware of safety rules and their own rights; besides, they have to stay at construction site longer than provided by the norm in order to earn more pay, which increases their risk of injury. With all this, it is difficult for any construction company to operate without sanctions, as the construction sector is simultaneously inspected by the Ministry of Economy, City Hall Supervision Office and the Ministry of Health. Each of them has its own requirements and compatibility with them becomes even more difficult in the light of the above situation in the labor safety sector.

To maximize occupational safety and healthcare of employees, AUDITESCORT provides a certified staff member for each client facility, who takes care of partners’ satisfaction and the introduction of innovative approaches. The personal expert supervises the construction throughout the process and ensures the full implementation of the plan developed by the company, which consists of the following elements:

  • First of all, we establish an occupational safety and healthcare plan and policy, which outlines the responsibilities of each structure towards the company’s staff;
  • The next step is to assess the risks, during which all potential hazards to health are identified. In addition to assessing the risks of physical damage, the measurement work checks environmental conditions such as microclimate, temperature, humidity, lighting, etc.;
  • After discovering potential risks at a particular facility, instructions and a training plan are written, to which are added extraordinary instructions based on the specific incident;
  • In order for the customer to be as informed as possible about the current processes in his/her company and the potential risks or results obtained, a reporting system is introduced. The audit includes the points that are in line with the law and the risks to which attention should be paid.

As for the constructions that have already been suspended due to this or that violation, they can contact us for consultation, which will be followed by inspection and production of the necessary documentation. They will then submit these documents to the municipal institution and will still be able to continue working.

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