Technical Supervision – Inspection of the Construction Works of the Facility

You are wondering how to control a complex construction process where the risk of machinations is high for the simple reason that often a contractor is interested in making more profit by reducing work / materials, deteriorating materials quality or duplication of work. As a result, the relationship continues to be clarified in court, due to the peculiarities of the Georgian court system, the processes are protracted, and the construction is suspended and unfinished, and there are many examples of this throughout the country.

It is unfortunate that we are most often addressed after the start of litigation in the field of construction inspection, which in most cases shows the incompetence and dishonesty of the construction sector in the country.

The existing circumstances can be completely avoided by engaging us from the very beginning. We are an independent, highly experienced leading accredited inspection body; we oversee the works in full compliance with ISO/IEC 17020:2012/2013 standard.

The experts employed in our company have the highest diploma education and proven experience established by the requirements of the accreditation standard, with narrow specialized areas of construction.

Our company’s managerial quality control system and highly qualified experts guarantee to provide:

  • Control over the timely completion of construction works in point of the plan-schedule.
  • Quality control of construction works in point of project documentation and legislation.
  • Optimization of the prices and quality control of the materials used in the project-expenditure documentation through proper laboratory tests, material certificates and other documents.
  • Timely detection and correction of errors at the stage of design.
  • Timely and uninterrupted commissioning of the construction site to the relevant authorities.

Our highly professional construction supervision will help you not only to identify and eliminate deficiencies in a timely manner, but also to significantly reduce unforeseen costs, and control/reduce work deadlines, ensure high quality construction and avoid endless trials.


Our liability is insured in the amount of GEL 500,000.


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