AUDITESCORT – the leading independent appraiser of property and property rights in the market. We have many years of successful work experience and all the necessary rights (certificate, license) to carry out the activity. We carry out evaluation works in full compliance with international evaluation standards and normative acts in force in Georgia.


Our cooperation is simplified as much as possible, the contract is signed, the evaluation report and photo fixation are provided electronically, with courier services if necessary.


We have issued more than 20,000 appraisals since 2007 and the total value of the appraised property is over 900 million GEL.


Processes when valuation services are needed:

  • Damage/loss assessment;
  • Buying and selling business / business shares;
  • Division/merger of firms;
  • Mortgage replacement;
  • Tax dispute
  • Receipt/issuance of property free of charge;
  • Buy/sell or barter operations;
  • Determining the value of assets;
  • For resolving property disputes (divorce, valuation of testamentary property);
  • Forced expropriation, appraisal of property during resettlement and determination of compensation;
  • And etc.


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