Assessment / Inspection of Compliance of the Construction Project or Part of the Project with the Existing Documents

Georgian legislation requires inspection in the construction, architectural and geological part of the project in order to obtain a construction permit. In addition, in order for the customer (developer, investor, owner) to ensure compliance with the requirements of the normative-technical documents of the project or part of the project and also to avoid possible errors and unforeseen costs during the construction phase, the project evaluation-inspection should be carried out in full. Unfortunately, the areas subject to mandatory inspection do not include areas such as engineering networks (water supply, sewerage, electrical wiring, weak currents, heating, ventilation, air conditioning), thermal efficiency, etc. By neglecting these directions, the construction phase produces results that are associated with colossal costs. For example, water pipes are incorrectly deployed, or insufficiently, or in incorrect diameter, causing the water supply to be uneven according to the floors. The sewerage system is incorrectly planned, the natural gas or electricity network is improperly designed, which either increases costs or creates a problem with the provider. To avoid similar problems, it is enough to order a project inspection in all areas. Our experts will study your project objectively and prepare an expert opinion, which will identify all the shortcomings that need to be corrected. Our cooperation is completely confidential and objective, our liability is insured for 500 000 GEL.

Inspection of the project or part of the project includes the evaluation-inspection of the project or part of the construction object (buildings, structures, bridges, tunnels, roads and other linear structures) in the following directions:

  • Engineering-geological research/conclusion
  • Constructive part
  • Architectural part
  • Engineering networks (power supply systems, low current systems) and their technological part
  • Engineering networks (water supply, sewerage, raceway) and their technological part
  • Engineering networks (ventilation, air conditioning, heating) and their technological part

Our many years of experience in the inspection of the project or part of the project show that due to unprofessionalism of design companies in Georgia, most projects are poorly designed and significant inaccuracies are identified. By ordering a project inspection for us, you can significantly reduce unforeseen costs and avoid possible complications.

Our liability is insured in the amount of GEL 500,000.


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